Protecting voting rights and fostering voter engagement in Native communities nationwide.

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Tribal Governments

Actions that tribal governments can take to foster voter participation in their nations.

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Native Communities

Actions that non-governmental organizations can take to encourage voter participation in Native communities.

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Make sure that you are ready to vote! Actions that individuals can do to make sure that they are properly registered and ready to vote.

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NAVRC Findings

The State of Native Voting

Initial Survey (2016)
Results from the initial survey indicate that there are a variety of problems affecting access to the polls, each requiring a different strategy in order to resolve it.
Field Hearings (2017-8)
The hearings create a documentary record of the circumstances surrounding voting in Indian Country, identifying the unique needs and challenges faced by Native voters.

Video: The Right to Vote: North Dakota

The North Dakota legislature passed a bill that required all registered voters to have a voter ID that included a permanent street address. Some saw this change in the law as an attempt to limit the Native American vote. The law especially affects Native Americans because customary addresses are not the norm on the state’s five reservations. In response, tribal activists and allies mobilized the Standing Rock community. That get-out-the-vote drive resulted in a record voter turnout in 2018.

But the law still is in place. So, the Native American Voting Rights Coalition continues to fight the law. We seek to protect the integrity of our elections and help voters who cannot obtain a qualifying ID. The law must not remain on the books disenfranchising Native Americans year after year.

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