Protecting voting rights and fostering voter engagement in Native communities nationwide.

Native American Voting Rights Act (2021)

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Voting Rights Resources

Resources for tribes, communities, and individuals that want to improve voter access. Voter action toolkits available!

Voting Rights Resources
Fair Districting Resources

Resources for anyone who wants to organize and make sure that people outside of our communities do not define our borders or divide our power.

Fair Districting Resources
The State of Native Voting

Obstacles at Every Turn

Report (2020): Obstacles at Every Turn
This report provides detailed evidence that Native people face obstacles at every turn in the electoral process: from registering to vote, to casting votes, to having votes counted. Includes 2021 updates.
Field Hearings (2017-8)
The hearings create a documentary record of the circumstances surrounding voting in Indian Country, identifying the unique needs and challenges faced by Native voters.
Initial Survey (2016)
Results from the initial survey indicate that there are a variety of problems affecting access to the polls, each requiring a different strategy in order to resolve it.

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